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Dan Jones is native to Bay Area. He is a self-taught artist who has the rare talent of capturing emotions through his creation.

Dan has a wide range of both mediums and subjects, including Charcoals to Acrylics, Portraits to Murals. He continues to work hard at his never-ending attempts to master the brush. Patience has been the key to his ever changing artwork.

Please take some time to enjoy the artwork on this website and feel free to click on the "email Dan" under the 'Information & Special Events' tab. Share your questions, comments and observations. Have fun!


"I always knew I wanted to be an artist, from the time I was a small child.  I can remember my grandmother telling me her neighbor was an ‘artist’.  Not knowing what an ‘artist’ looked like, I was intrigued and curious.  When we went to my grandma’s house, I would always try to peek next door to get a glimpse of the ‘artist’, wondering what I could look like some day.

One day I finally met the ‘artist’, her name was Mille, she was very short, stooped over in a floral print housecoat, clunky black shoes with a silver bun on top of her head.  In retrospect, I am thankful all artists don’t look the same!" -Dan

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The most recent 'Dog Series', was inspired by Dan's absolute love for "Man's Best Friend". The beautiful, funny, sad and sometimes charmingly pathetic expressions he sees in the face of one of his best friends, Bailey (pictured here) has inspired Dan to do this series. He has since successfully captured the souls of many four legged friends.

"Scooter" 2009
Acrylic 30" x 40"
"Bailey" 2003
Acrylic 30" x 40"
Colar Yah
"Shelby" 2004 (in-loving memory of)
Genesis heat-set oil 30" x 24"


"Edison" 2009
36" x 36"
"Pepe" 2009
30" x 40"
"Barney" 2009
Acrylic 60" x 36"

After a long run of mostly Charcoals and Black and White Portraits see 'Famous & Autographed', the color world caught Dan's eye and it was off to the store for some paint and brushes.

It was several years ago, when Dan got the news that his friend's application for adoption was approved. With a big blind leap into his never before explored territory of painting, Dan got to work creating a mural for the friends new Nursery, including life size jungle animals.

Dan was later commissioned to do other private homes & nurseries.

Long_NeckleafTree Giraffhead
Dan_Tree Dan_Lion

Included in Dan's works is a collection of celebrity, autographed portraits, which he has drawn over the years.

It started as a hobby with his first charcoal portrait of Donna Summer, done on a piece of brown cardboard from an old moving box. It has grown into a fine collection of portraits, some of which are hanging in the homes of the celebrities.

While he worked hard at it, the artwork seemed to come naturally for Dan. The hobby became more about the hunt of the autograph and less about the portrait itself. Over the years, Dan's ever-growing appreciation for art has turned his focus to new subjects and the autograph 'hobby' took a back seat.

While perusing the portraits on this page, note the drawing utensils scattered between the pictures. These are the actual pencils used in many of the portraits you see here.

Richard Marx
Richard Marx 1992
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Roseanne Barr 1994
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
"I met Rosanne at a book store and she liked this portrait so much she asked if I would draw one for her, (ask me sometime about the story it's a funny one) . It was drawn, signed, sealed and delivered soon after our meeting.
Laura Branigan
Laura Branigan 19??
(signed & auto) white pencil on black board
Lypsinka 1996
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Lypsinka is a Hilarious Female impersonator and puts on a great show that I have seen several times. I met him after one of his shows in San Francisco

Dan O'Brien 1998
(signed, autographed on back) Charcoal
Hall & Oats
Hall & Oates 1988
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks 1985
(signed) Charcoal
"It was a funny and weird experience walking around back stage at the Oakland Coliseum with Stevie Nick's back up singers. They were all  dressed up in the typical Stevie Nicks style" lacey flowy dresses and wearing brightly colored high top tennis shoes."
Charcol1 Adam Ant
Adam Ant 1985
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Anita Baker
Anita Baker 1987
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Shenna Easton
Sheena Easton 1984
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Jacklyn Smith
Heather 1982
(signed) Charcoal
"I was commissioned to do a Yellow Pages add for a hair stylist who specialized in long cuts. I began by using a portrait of Heather Locklear, I kept the long hair but changed the facial features so it no longer looked like Heather. The add was used for several years
Randy Travis
Randy Travis 1988
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Pencil11 Barry Manilow
Barry Manilow 1983
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Manhattan Transfer
Manhattan Transfer 1985
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Lily Tomlin 19??
(signed) Charcoal & Airbrush
Whitney Houston 2
Whitney Houston 1988
(signed) Charcoal
Thompson Twins 1987
(signed & autographed) Charcoal & Airbrush
Gloria Estifan
Gloria Estefan 1988>
(signed & autographed) Charcoal & Airbrush
Eddie Murphey
Eddie Murphy 1986
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Joan Jett
Joan Jett 1987
(signed & auto) Charcoal & Airbrush
Mike Jones 1994
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
"My favorite autographed portrait is of my brother Mike, who autographed it when he was sick with Aids. When we found out Mike contracted AIDS and knew he had a limited time, I asked him if I did a portrait of him, if he would autograph it for me. It is my favorite and most valuable portrait in my collection. Mike Passed away in 1995." -Dan

Eddie Money
Eddie Money 1989
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
"Back in 1989 I was asked to be  be interviewed on a Television Show called 'San Francisco Hot Rocks' about the Eddie Money portrait, which agreed to do."
Kerry Strug
Kerri Strug 1997
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Liza Minelli 1987
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart 1989
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton 1989
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Dan Jones
Dan Jones 19??
(signed self portrait) Charcoal
Can you guess by the big hair, mustache, gold chain and Swatch, what year this self portrait was done?

Rick Springfield
Rick Springfield 1983
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Eddie Money
Eddie Money 19??
(signed & auto) white pencil on black board
"I was so absent minded at the time I met with Eddie, that I gave him a black marker to autograph it... a black marker on black board does not make for a good autograph. Eddie accomodated me by squeezing his autograph in on the white collar area".
Bryan Adams
Brian Adams 1985
(signed & autographed on back) Charcoal
"Brian Adams would not sign the front of the portrait because he said he would never sign someone else's work."
Corey Hart
Corey Hart 1984
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford 1994
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
"Cindy Crawford said "Well... I guess it kinda looks like me" and signed."
Charcol1 Michael Boll
Michael Bolton 1991
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho 1994
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Pointer Sisters
Pointer Sisters 1984
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Joan Rivers 1
Joan Rivers 1983
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
"This Portrait is mostly black felt tip pen with charcoal pencil. I started the charcoal portrait on a type of board that the charcoal would not adhere to, so I had to use permanent marker over the charcoal."
Elvira 1997
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Michael 1990
(signed) Charcoal
Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit 1990
(signed) Charcoal
Donna Summers 2
Donna Summer 19??
(signed) white pencil on black board
Joan Rivers 2
Joan Rivers 1983
(signed & autographed) Charcoal

Huey Lewis
Huey Lewis 1991
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Madonna 19??
(signed) Charcoal
Iman 19??
(signed) Charcoal on gray board [Gifted]
The Judd's 1983
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Eddie Money
Eddie Money 1986
(signed & autographed) Charcoal & Airbrush
Donna Summers 1
Donna Summer 1981
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
Pencil12 Abe
Abe Vigoda 1985
(signed & autographed) Charcoal
"I went to Abe Vigoda's home in the Hollywood hills to deliver a portrait that I did for him, it hangs in his study."
Chaka Khan
Chaka Khan 1987
(signed & auto) Charcoal & Airbrush
"One of my favorite autographed portraits, because Chaka Khan kissed the portrait, which left a big set of bright red lip marks and then wrote 'SMACK' right in the middle of it! "
Bette Midler 19??
(signed & autographed) Charcoal & Airbrush
Brooke Shields
Brooke Shields 19??
(signed) Charcoal & Airbrush
Luther Vandros
George Benson 1985
(signed, autographed on back) Charcoal
Whitney Houston 1986
(signed & autographed) Charcoal & Airbrush
Stevie Nicks 1980
(signed) Charcoal & Airbrush
Heart 1986
(signed & auto) Charcoal & Airbrush
Joan Rivers 3
Joan Rivers 1986
(signed & auto) Charcoal & Airbrush

Years ago, Dan started drawing his own personalized Christmas cards.  It all started as a silly mouse getting into some kind of holiday mischief.  He would draw the outline, copy it on a copy machine and then color each one in by hand with felt tipped pens.  Years later, this mouse was named Chrismouse and it appears every year, sometimes with its mouse friends, but always involved in some type of holiday fun, wishing everyone the best of the holiday season.

Chrismouse "Ginger Hiest" 2008
Chrismouse "Catching Christmas" 2006
Chrismouse "Top of the Top" 2004
Chrismouse "Jingle all the way" 2002
Chrismouse "Trapped" 2007Pencils16
Chrismouse "Mele Kalikimaka" 2005
Chrismouse "Snow Ballet" 2003
Chrismouse "Mystery Shopper" 2001
Chrismouse "Snow Angel" 2000
Chrismouse "Shooting Stars" 1999
Chrismouse "Catching the Spirit of Christmas" 1998
Chrismouse "Hanging Ornament" 1996
Chrismouse "Tasteful Holiday" 1995
Chrismouse "Tree Topper" 1992
Chrismouse "Wrapping Christmas" 1990
Chrismouse "Sweet Christmas" 1997
Chrismouse "Making Candy Canes"1994
Chrismouse "Catching Christmas" 1993
Chrismouse "Christmas String" 1991

As if all the portraits aren't enough, Dan still has the need to let out his creativity in other ways. Whether it is for fun, like the Christmas Lawn Art, or for a worthy cause, such as Aids and Cancer Benefits, Dan always finds time for the fun stuff too!

4th of July
Country 4H Fair
Boat Decorating Contest (...yes, thats on the bow of the boat)
Nightmare Before Christmas
Christmas yard decorations


Joan Crawford Joan

Marilyn Monroe


Sophia Loren





Charcoal on Canvas...BIG Canvas

Dan created this collection for a new show at StealTown, but donated the art to a local philanthropist who was raising money for Aids research and prevention. They were auctioned off on line, with all the proceeds going to SF Aids Foundation.




Humphrey Bogart


Lucille BallLucy